Our Approach

We know that most brokerage resources are tapped out, or feel they are. This means, finding the right people to devote time to changing workflows and procedures, updating systems, training staff and auditing, seems next to impossible. If this is true for you, it also means your results are not what they could be.

We recognize that some vendors offer consulting services to their clients. They do an excellent job of showing how their technology works; however, a broker knows how to best incorporate the technology into brokerage workflows, communications and interactions with clients. This is where we come in.

This is what differentiates efficientbroker . Our extensive experience in driving operational change in brokerages to achieve optimal results follows a a logical path:

Ask & Learn

1. observe and ask questions to get a 360 degree view of your current reality

2. learn where do you want to be or help you develop a three (3) year plan

3. experience your current culture and understand your ideal future culture

Identify & Recommend

1. identify and make recommendations for quick wins and longer-term improvements

2. make recommendation to fill identified gaps in current policies and procedures

3. make recommendations for key metrics to help track your progress

Guide & Do

1. coach and mentor you to help you achieve the results you want

2. when appropriate, do the hands-on work such as creating the procedure manual or employment handbook

3. provide tools for success for everyone from the front line to senior managers


A common link through all of the above is successful change management. As brokerage leaders, we know how to get buy-in. Imagine taking your staff from fearing change, to becoming part of the solution, and actually driving change. This is our claim to fame.